Discover Ways to Prevent Parasites from Biting Your Dog


Many parasites are always on the lookout for your dogs. Some target their intestines and other parts inside their bodies, while others bite and destroy the skin. Both of these parasites can expose the health of your pets to many problems. External parasites, including mites, fleas, and others, can be extremely irritating, cause serious skin problems, and carry lethal diseases. Fortunately, you can use modern medicine to both prevent and control them. Here, you will find these parasites and the way you can deal with each of them.


Out of the parasites that are targeting your dogs now, fleas are probably one of them. In fact, unless you develop a reliable prevention program, your dog will suffer from a flea infestation at some point in the course of their lifetime. Whenever that happens, you can see signs that the parasites are feeding on their blood. If your dog is allergic to the bites, a few of them can cause hazardous and long-standing effects characterized by hair loss and skin itches.

How do you prevent and treat it then? It is always significantly more comfortable to prevent most fleas than getting rid of them. Buy the right medicine from your vet and apply it during the summer and autumn. If your house is centrally heated, you can do this every three months as a matter of policy. Once there is an infestation, however, treat the animal and your house to eradicate the eggs in the hiding places too. You can also use flea collar for dogs to ensure the chemicals continue spreading all over the body of your dog for a few weeks until all the parasites are no more.

Bed Bugs

Beg bugs can also bite your dogs and cause serious problems. But they are unique in many ways. In particular, bed bugs prefer human blood to animal blood. So, you can prevent them from affecting your dog with ease. You can use the relevant leather products, including leashes, to prevent them from sharing beddings with people where they can get the infestation. Like the other parasites, you can buy the right products to treat both your house and your pets. 

Sarcoptic Mange Mites

These cause scabies, which often affects dogs of all ages and sizes. The problem with these mites is that they are easily transmitted to other dogs irrespective of the time of the year.

Sarcoptic mange mites cause intense itching. The main clinical signs are skin rash, crusting, and generalized hair loss. You cannot confirm whether your dog has been infested with this mite unless you examine a skin scraping under a microscope. 

You need medication as well as additional treatment that soothe the skin to kill not only these mites but also treat all the related infections. Other than frequent treatment, you should embrace the right cleaning practices to be able to control and prevent the infestation of your dogs.

Ear Mites

You will commonly find ear mites in your young dogs and cats. As their names suggest, these parasites always confine themselves to the ears and the areas around there. They are often tiny to the extent that you cannot see an individual ear mite without the aid of a microscope. If you get into contact with your pets or their beddings, you are able to get the infestation. Too much headshaking and scratching of ears are some of the leading symptoms of this problem. You can also expect brown or black ear discharge and bacterial infections.

 In advances cases, surgery may be required to treat some of these symptoms. In most cases, you will handle this condition by cleaning the ear and effective medication. You can also ask your vet for an efficient treatment plan to help prevent and control the situation. Some of them will recommend that you visit to buy the appropriate dog collars to be able to treat it effectively.


Lice love puppies, but you can also find them in your adult dogs and other pets. While they can be treated with significant ease, you should not take these parasites for granted. They may cause anaemia, dermatitis, irritation, and generally poor health. These parasites are species-specific. So, the one that affects your pets cannot spread to you. When it comes to treatment, all you need is parasiticidal treatments. You can use these products to prevent this infestation as well.

Final Thoughts

You can ensure that none of your dogs experiences much discomfort and diseases due to the infestation of parasites. If you can identify the most common parasites that your dogs are exposed to, you will be able to know what you need to have the peace of mind that you deserve. Given that we have plenty of advanced drugs that can take care of your concerns, implement what you have learned here, and you will be able to protect your pet.